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We at Trick are dedicated to bringing you a fresh perspective on all things art related. For us that means shining a light on makers who often times get glossed over. In this installment of Photo Obsessed we are highlighting six female photographers. Some of them have been working for years and already have representation, others are just breaking onto the scene. We’ve compiled this list because the vast majority of light stalkers who actually make a living off their craft are men. Nothing against bad ass male photographers, the good ones are fresh as fuck and we would never want them off the scene. But Trick is ” The Space In Between” and for this issue that space lies somewhere between patriarchy and commerce. We know without a doubt, that women who wield cameras offer perspectives on culture that need to be injected into the dominant dialogue. Not, as a side note but as a counter weight. The artist below explore themes of sexuality, violence, consumption, family histories, and cultures on the fringes. What unites them is their unique vision and their fearless approach to image making. So, without further adieu, here’s our list of who we’ll be keeping our eyes on in 2015.

@ Logan White

Bad Manor3 Bad Manor 4

Bad Manor2 Bad Manor 1 original_8a8abc8096ff0e4899f72bd24102e2a3

Ghost 2 series Ghost series

@Sandy Kim

sf1 sf7

xxx4 sf6

nyc8 nyc6

@Saskia Kahn

bkrail_tanners-6 BrightonFruitNoir

BrightonWarrior diary-1-6

performers_web-3 tumblr_m43h9sUWbP1qe64vho1_1280

@Tamara Porras

annie insatiate_04

scott_1_web nadya chris

strip1_frame1 insatiate_15

@Amanda Jasnowski

4e40597908302a27-9Acopy SELF-02

ROARIE-AND-LOLA    PageImage-510607-4266083-8110037939_7560fe1ab6_b509728fa5b3fcceb-IMG_8953-Editweb    PageImage-510607-3897094-5217341975_4a105220a4_b

@Sarah Clegg Merkle

15 16

11 10 3

12 14

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