Patrick Jacobs ‘Come Closer To Me’ opens January 16th @Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, NY


His work politely delights. Inviting curious eyes to enter a delicate world which has been meticulously carved for the collective subconscious. Patrick Jacobs’ latest exhibition ‘Come Closer To Me‘ could not be more of an escape away from a dimension which we so often wish to hide from, while simultaneously offering an alternate existence creative minds often revel in. He oscillates between the ‘real’ and the ‘fake’, the romantic and the sublime, the carefully constructed and the spontaneously evolved, welcoming minds towards the seemingly inconceivable he leaves viewers to question what irreconcilable differences we are forced to reconcile with on a diurnal basis. Is it life? Is it death? While justifying what may or may not deem to be real through a mitigated hyper complexity of the unreal, he successfully transforms the mundane into a playful terrain of imaginative solitude. We literally want to jump in! Don’t you? JacobsPRfinal



A conflicting atmosphere of bliss and discontentment reigns in the empire of weeds. “Behold these spiny stalks and toothy leaves,” declare the herbaceous brood in a post-emergent flamboyance, “Look on our caps and laurel crowns of seeds!” But the longing for love and happiness comingles with an unbearable anxiety and fear of loneliness. Fibrous tissues, cords and membranes swell with perverse desires while tendrils, felted pink with webbed mycelia ache for meaningful intimacy. All that remains is an impenetrable and melancholy silence.  –Jacobs, 2014


Piergoi Gallery is located at:

177 North 9th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211  

For more information about Pierogi Gallery go: HERE

To see more of Patrick Jacobs’ work go: HERE


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