Life After Death From Above 1979

We here at Trick are suckers for all things nostalgia. For us indie darlings who got our musical education from bands like Interpol, Le Tigre, and LCD Soundsystem in the early 2000s, there was no band quite as raw & genre-defying as Death From Above 1979. Consisting of only two members, Sebastien Grainger & Jesse Keller (also of MSTRKRFT), the band delivered a powerful hard hitting sound that was enough to make you wanna dance, hit someone, and scream all at the same time.

Photography by Robert Downs

After the release of their 2004 debut You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine, the band endured a gruesome tour and by 2006 Keeler & Grainger posted an official statement on their website that the two had decided to “stop doing the band.” Their sudden break up left angsty and adoring fans with what can only be described as “musical blue balls,” as the band went from being one of the key bands of the generation’s sound to a piece of the past overnight.

Flash forward to 2014, 10 years after the release of You’re a Woman – and the impossible has become possible again. After success in other musical projects and a 5 year silence between Keeley & Grainger, the duo announce their reunion & release their long awaited sophomore album, The Physical World. The new documentary Life After Death From Above 1979 chronicles the decade long gap between the conception of the band’s debut album to their ultimate reunion – and the struggles of their broken friendship in between and why the band fell apart.

Directed by Eva Michon, the documentary features candid interviews with both Grainger & Keeler – as well as key figures of the indie scene back in the day such as members of The Strokes, Kurt Vile, Justice, & Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Whether you were an avid fan or have never heard of them, the amazing story of the band’s life, death, & resuscitation definitely earns Trick’s vote as one to watch.

Check out the trailer below

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