Don’t Miss! Alfred Steiner’s ‘Likelihood of Confusion’ @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Alfred Steiner takes a seemingly simple advertisement and transforms the content into an eye awakening conversation. By superimposing relatable fragmented images into the crux of the his strategically chosen shapes, his work invites viewers to take a more insightful glimpse into deeper realties which are cleverly brought to life through his thoughtful creations. I was first graced with Mr. Steiner’s presence after I had witnessed his profound SpongeBob collages work at VOLTA2014 and looking forward to seeing his latest works in person.


Sponge Spongebob, oil on medium density fiberboard, 2013

For his most recent exhibition at Joshua Liner Gallery Likelihood of Confusion,

Steiner reflects on the pervasive nature of media and advertising. Extending his project of reconstructing pre-existing graphic forms from carefully rendered naturalistic images, Steiner tackles trademarks, service marks, logos, and other indicia of origin. To do this, Steiner considers the idiosyncratic contours comprising these marks and, using the Freudian technique of free association, replaces each contour with a similarly shaped image. The show’s title,Likelihood of Confusion, takes its name from the legal standard for determining trademark infringement.This technique, while inherently hit-or-miss, nevertheless results in juxtapositions of images that suggest synchronicities among themselves but also in relation to the set of ideas associated with the underlying trademark. After transforming commercial logos and amassing various objects to comprise the underlying image, the viewer is challenged to decipher the original logo as well as find commonality between the objects and the underlying image.

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Mouse II, watercolor on arches 300, 2014

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Dyslexia, watercolor on arches 300, 2014

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Ale, watercolor on arches 300, 2014

To read the full press release go: HERE

To see more of Alfred Steiner’s work go: HERE

Likelihood of Confusion will be on view from October 16th to November 15, 2014

@Joshua Liner Gallery

540 west 28th Street

New York, New York 10001

*All images courtesy of Joshua Liner




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